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With Ukraine before the match fifa coins, the France team very carefully, Deschamps cautioned students to avoid 20 years ago missed a World Cup fate, ribery said: “it’s going to be a tough game, but we’re going to win! “But eventually Gao Lujun mission is in away eat deflated, de is of team not only 0:2 defeated, and also loss has rearguard General kesiqieerni, this let they returned to home comeback of difficulty became exception difficult this field game Qian, France team firepower full 3 field game into 13 ball, and Ukraine is has continuous 7 field losing ball, so both of confrontation also was as a one” spear and shield “of dialogue, but in over 65,000 name Ukraine fans before, France team most at of attack is into has impasse, First half Gao Lujun mission only poor of 2 times shooting, second half while mad shot 12 times, but real to each other caused threat of is few, most shooting are is in area outside of ineffective, instead Ukraine of attack more has threat, except two a scored outside, last moments also formed once three hit a of counterattack as France team of top stars, ribery near 3 field game into has 4 ball, but yesterday face Ukraine, St European football Mr is lost has magic, while he still in themselves most like of sidewalks activities, And they had 2 shots, but Ukraine laid a strong defensive force around him, King of Bayern Munich who were 10 violations by opponents, which accounted for 43.5% of the whole team foul times, faced with such tough defense, ribery and extinguished the power of spirituality. Of the goal NET, said: “ribery often find themselves surrounded by a bunch of hungry defensive players, he had no feeling, Deschamps’s side couldn’t find offensive answers. ”

So important in the playoffs, first leg away from home 0:2 gaofu France team is in trouble, despite the second leg is at home, but the defense is tenacious, has 8 games in a row to concede Ukraine will not easily let Gao Lujun broke. After the game the team pessimistically said: “the France team is currently under huge pressure mind-game.co.uk, ever since the 1994 World Cup, the team has the potential to once again qualify for the world series. “The goal net had also said:” Didier Deschamps’s side needed a miracle in the second round, otherwise the France team will once again into the dark period in the history. ”

Although 0:2 behind the score, but also loss Defence General kesiqieerni, but as coach Didier Deschamps is not first disarmed, he encouraged the players to cheer up: “obviously, it was a very bad result for us, but we still have to remain confident. After this game the best outlet is Ukraine, but we still have 90 minutes of the match to prove himself. “Easier said than done, however, on the 1994 World Cup qualifiers, France team in the final round only 1 penny goes under 1:2 defeat against Bulgaria, this time facing down 0:2 score and want to comeback and easy?

Expensive for the 1998 World Cup and 2000 European Championship Double, France in recent years is the trend of gradual decline, especially in 2006 after Zinedine Zidane retired, 2010 South Africa World Cup, the France team is relying on additional game eliminated Ireland duly went through Henry in the second round of the handball set up Gallas into the last-ditch winning goals. 4 years ago after play-off first leg draw 0:0 make it so difficult, this time back to the arena of France team will score up from 0:2, which also gave Deschamps’s team presented a greater test, and if you are not a successful comeback at home led France Deschamps missed the competition again after 20 years can continue to sit in the hot seat?

www.futbays.com lesson from this bitter experience

In November 2010, before the friendly match with England fifa 14 coins for sale, Nasri said: “although I did not appear in that tournament, however, and all France fans and players, I develop a feel for that nightmare. Although some teammates are still slightly less shade, but most of us make a lesson from this bitter experience, make concerted efforts, determination to look forward to the future. ”

June 2012 European Championship group match when he also pledged: “in France, the national team’s image is very bad, we have been trying for two years to reverse. I do not think that France has forgiven us of the people, but the team will try to earn their understanding. Now we have 23 games unbeaten, will prove to them: France is not just a self-centered players and locker room, guys. Each player is very close, also think about the fans, we are ready to bring joy to fans, will continue through 24 unbeaten matches, 25, and see what happens.Poster page!

Recalling the pledge commitment before, Nasri at this dispute out of the European Cup was certainly great: celebration of the provocative gestures; second outlet unabashedly expressed “France’s objective has been met, don’t knock it”; and Diarra and not … … Even after the end of the game, the stabbed man didn’t stop – Spain maca television journalist revealed in a personal Twitter, Nasri in the mixed zone and a France fierce clashes broke out in radio journalists, and cursing their “x-your mother”.

Personality is not the same as the whole world as your enemy. Just because on the occasion of 25 years old could not on its own but the building disintegrated, Nasri and will not therefore be condemned by public condemnation; but time and again to be ambivalent protagonist, has even been accused of “cancer”, as 87 to help the most promising, has been “small Zidane” players, Nasri may need to reflect on their own when to mature.

More realistic is today national journey ending, Nasri’s Club future is not bright: just over a week ago, France media also revealed that Manchester City will exchange and dzeko as he Bayern (microblogging) Player Muller’s chips. Although Nasri denied the authenticity of the report soon, but last season to show higher ahead of the French, at the end of the European Cup after a trip, if you want to keep in a blue moon line-up, have to worry about, it may be more than your own EQ.

www.topfifacoins.com two group races is what people think

With 874 less France team wins the big heat fifa coins trader? After at least two group races is what people think. However, this harmony didn’t last long, 0-2 defeat against Sweden fuelling teams potential contradictions, “unprecedented solidarity” Gao Luxiong chicken again exposed infighting news. Nasri, one of 87 that are prized, and Aarau Diarra’s fierce conflict, became the core of the war on the locker room. In fact, long before this, Nasri almost no shortage of controversy has been considered a locker room cancer, in the eyes of many teammates, he was not a team player. Benzema also complained that their little own tie.

It is worth mentioning that, this is not a Nasri has been called into question for the first time in the current European Cup: after their opening draw with England’s scoring in the game, shut up and he had to make the celebrations to show reporters who wrote an article criticizing themselves, “shut up”. Such a move not even the old Nasri voted for the amendment. Veteran Eric Cantona back descendants cheap fifa 14 ultimate team coins, but it also said gestures like Nasri, France media blast swearing said “fuck you” and without discrimination. For the team’s stability, France Football Association and coach Blanc has chosen to sweep this under the it to nothing. This time, however, when Nasri at Diyala nose and said, “you give me nice” after Blanco was not pampering again, but conform to the France fans of public opinion (in survey of teams before the game, can’t agree with Nasri first fan 80%), Manchester City (Twitter) (microblogging) midfielder on the bench.

Niesikedun buzz Stadium for the first 65 minutes, fans of the two teams only met Zheng scored 1 goals. Poor France team needs the key to change the situation. Kathleen Blanco decided to change nothing Florent Malouda, Nasri the opportunity to act as the team’s Savior. However substitute of France, 11th in the eyes of commitment to not reverse, is almost invisible on the pitch until the 82nd minute and Franck ribery in midfield and Chrissy (microblogging), when to get a close-up. The final whistle, Spain with a 2-0 ending the race nearly 30 years be France Mojo, top 4; a few days ago, early exit of Sweden by the same score ended France unbeaten team 43 years Viking’s brilliant opener. Nasri failed to turn the tide of the heroes, France team bath, waved and held up the stadium, the 2nd European Cup trip to Manchester City midfielder finally drew to an end.

Out after infighting, this result for France fans are familiar with, 2010 South Africa World Cup scandal in front of Gao Luxiong Euro 2012 chickens again. However most cruel is no doubt give fans hope, and reality to his despair. Final group game before the game, nobody thought that Nasri in showing leadership qualities, will take over Patrice Evra, and Florent Malouda “revolutionary’s gun”, as leaders of the new wave of infighting. After all, two years ago, France discouraged to return home before the start of the current European Cup, his repeated commitment to the media and fans, will seek to reverse France’s bad image

www.futbays.com increased by three or four kilograms in weight

In fifa coins xbox April 2008, the 42-year old Romario announced his retirement at Rio de Janeiro. Romario admitted that their condition no longer appropriate to continue playing football right now, also increased by three or four kilograms in weight, “for a man of my age that losing weight is a difficult thing. ”

However, on August 12, 2009, 43 years old, “old age” Romario announced Americas teams joined Rio State comeback in Serie b. Romario said in an interview: “America was my father’s favorite team, I’ll be some competition for the American team played, I think this is my best way to her father’s wishes. ”

2002 ouster for Romario to the national team is cheap fifa coins xbox a great stimulus to the economy. He shed a tear for football, was unavailable for a prodigal son chance. In Brazil, he watched Luiz Felipe Scolari led Brazil squad to the top of France, took the World Cup trophy and watched Cristiano Ronaldo crowned top scorer. Aloof by nature, not reconciled to losing Romario to call out “thousands of balls” Declaration at that time, the 36-year old Romario has scored 8 years has accumulated 843. 1000 ball target test is not his skill, but his spirit. 36 years old, able to gallop on the pitch, which itself is a marvel, not to mention is the biggest test of his physical strength and reactions–striker this objective test of human endurance. Romario has more than once had to give up and retire, even in 2004, had already planned to be in Brazil at the malakana Stadium farewell game. But more when, Romario are in to has a play of opportunities, to has a towards thousand ball mark towards of platform, and traveled world around, regardless of is what of team, he are to efforts grasp not denied, Romario like most Brazil players as life with sexual, even is indulgence, but treats football, he absolute seriously treats, a dozen years as day, from no station in Stadium Shang meet errand, regardless of in which home Club. He loved football, because that sport can bring him greatest satisfaction and happiness. That enabled him to achieve the key to the ball.

It has been said that renewed Beckham speed, faster than a computer virus infection. In front of the hair, he committed to innovation, enterprising, hair length, color, merits, and everything changed. United Kingdom airline and even advertise with this big, with renewed Beckham to describe their own company selling tickets at a rate of speed!

www.ultimatecoinsmvp.com encountered trouble in his life and career in

Regardless cheap fifa coins xbox of the world with the vision of how we see ourselves, Romario never bother to change. His character is like the qiufeng, imperious and fierce, which he demonstrated decisive leadership on the Court, he encountered trouble in his life and career in 1992, Romario refused to participate in the Brazil and Germany game between the teams, national team who were then delisted. Two years after the 1994 United States World Cup Eve, as Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira urgent Romario back on, this “combination Lo Pui” (and Spain included Brazilians bebeto and Romario) swept across the field, glory of the climb all the way to win at Stamford Bridge after Romario took extended leave until August before returning to Barcelona, the result has been the Club’s hefty fines. The incident produced a rift between the two sides, free in Barcelona Romario cannot stand, in January 1995, he returned to Brazil, joining Flamengo Club Cristiano Ronaldo skill has matured, and Romario formed the “RO RO” combinations are available only with “Invincible” to describe. In early 1997, in France on a four-nation Invitational Tournament, which strike demonstrate daunting strength. The face of Italy “line of concrete”, the Brazil team scored three goals, which is unprecedented in the last 20 years. Italy Captain Paolo Maldini sigh: want to get “RO RO” combination is not scoring, that’s almost impossible!

However, when people look forward to this Union the representative of Brazil at the France World Cup when I carve, Brazil coach Zagallo made the shocking decision: World Cup Brazil squad without Romario. Public reason Romario was injured in the domestic League, but everyone knows this is a high-sounding excuse. You know, “RO RO” portfolio despite the sharp, but Romario is the real core of the by the year 2002, Brazil coach is Luiz Felipe Scolari, without Romario in March Best Site To Buy Cheap Fifa 14 coins For PS3/PS4, XBOX 360/XBOX ONE, PC, IOS And ANDROID at www.ultimatecoinsmvp.com! he squad to the World Cup in Korea and Japan, on the grounds that: he was so undisciplined. Bad temper is also famous for Luiz Felipe Scolari made it clear that, his team does not need people like Romario, though he claimed that Romario will return to the national team as long as changing attitudes, but underneath the “Lone Wolf” dismissive. He said he did not remember doing anything wrong, but he is not a perfect, if unintentional cases do anything wrong please national team coach Luiz Felipe Scolari and the rest of the team forgive Romario’s sincere and strong desire to serve his country touched throughout Brazil, but still failed to impress Scolari.

This time, Brazil won the Championship for the 5th time in team history, while Ronaldo scored 8 goals became as top scorer in the World Cup finals later, he fulumi a rare find at $ 9000 a month salary, given by the President of nun also worship the fulumi game: in early 2002, to win the elections that year, fulumi seeking re-election President Fischer signed Romario nun. Romario makes fulumi the arrival of increasing popularity of young fans in Rio, President Fischer also re-elected, fulumi nun also scored in 2002 Brazil tournament 4 strong 2004 season, due to injuries, Romario fulumi tender stuffed with little time, causing more controversy. In addition to head coach Romario has two players with the Club “beasts” Edmond heard, place de public quarrels, relationship with most fans of the Club have also deteriorated. Eventually he was ruthlessly sacrificing President only when he walked in with a text message to inform him that you don’t have to do … …

www.topfifacoins.com balance capacity and controlled ball capacity

And fifa coins trader Brazil like a lot of stars, Romario was born in Brazil Rio de Janeiro’s impoverished suburbs. 13 years old, he’s on the street to wash cars, subsidies for home use. Olaria club head coach’s eye for talent, will the child recruited Olaria youth squad. Has has specifically of training and game environment, Romario reserves of talent soon show out, 17 age on entered has line team, and began boarded international game field, year on help Brazil team captured has 20 age following CB Green game of champion while head dwarf, but Romario of balance capacity and controlled ball capacity quite amazing, started very fast, runs, and qiangdian, and Dodge no a not sharp flexible. His murderous look gloomy, so opponents could not help but be vigilant whenever he shot will not fail. On the position of the striker, Romario has a strong degree of lethality, scored an incredible 20 years had procured him the top scorer in the Rio State title. At the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, 22-year old Romario to 6 games playing record of 7 goals, taking the silver medal and best shooters yet bumpy experience grew, exceptional football talent and superb ball skills were in Romario who has had some sort of imbalance, grumpy, aloof, refuses to manage his character, very little cooperation. Neither the clubs nor the national team, Romario and coach’s conflict is the norm. For recalcitrant Romario, combined with shooting after he took the ball and rarely passing qiufeng, people gave him a nickname: “the Lone Wolf. ”

In 1988, Romario moved Netherlands PSV Club, where cheap fifa 14 ultimate team coins he got a higher degree of honor and attention, and let your character and temperament laid bare. Join in first year, Romario became League top scorer (19 of 24 field goals), PSV claimed the League and cup double Crown. From 1988 to 1992, luomaliaosan claimed Netherlands League top scorer, participating 138 games scoring 127 goals, goals ratio closer to 1 to 1. But Romario scoring on one side at the same time, while arguing with head coach. Due to its own style, and Romario in 1991 and 1992 was PSV suspended twice, in 1993, his move to Spanish giants Barcelona in Barca’s US $ 4 million in just one year’s time, Romario has reached the pinnacle of my career. Season Virgin show, he on staged has “hat trick”, rate Barca captured La Liga champion, and to 30 a scored became League best shooter for the unique of shooter, then of Barca coach Cruyff has has such of memories: “has day morning training finished Hou, Romario found I, said he to leave 8 days back Brazil, to participate in Carnival, I said unless you Sunday on Real Madrid staged hat trick. The result, in which he scored 3 goals in that game, Barcelona won, Romario not even say hello after the game went to the airport. ”

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